sweet and silly, with a pinch of sarcasm

I'm currently studying Counseling in grad school. My current career goal is to work with students in the area of higher education, possibly in student affairs. I am also considering work as a school counselor, focusing in helping students with their plans for higher education or career paths.

I also want to do a lot in this world...
To give back to those who have helped me to become the person I am.
To make a different somehow, to someone, in some way.
To help others find their passion, their dream.
To learn who I really am.

I'm also a supporter of the printed word. I love reading newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Reading is my escape from the chaos of life. There's nothing quite like the smell of a book, the feel, the texture, the crinkling of the pages.

I might be imperfect, but I'm perfectly me.
For losereality. <3

For losereality. <3

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